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Would you like to know more? Let’s take a walk.

A short documentary film where we walk across the state of New Jersey. We'll be walking downward, from the highest point to the lowest. Along the way we'll highlight the towns, people, food and locales that make this state unique. From the Jersey Devil to a battlefield in Princeton, we'll be exploring New Jersey in this unique once in a lifetime adventure.

Why are you walking?
Getting back to nature, the people and everything that makes this state and country great is our goal. Walking through New Jersey will allow us to partake in the last 'great American adventure.' We'll get experience everything New Jersey has to offer.

How many miles are you walking? How long will it take?
We'll be walking 198 miles across New Jersey. From High Point Monument in High Point State Park down to Cape May Point in Cape May. We'll be camping in state parks, walking through urban areas and stopping to chat along the way down to the shore. It'll take us about 8 days and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Why are you walking across NJ
Our ultimate goal is to walk cross country in the upcoming future. We're going straight to our home state for support during this undertaking.
What a better place for us to train for what will await us than in New Jersey? It’s hard to prep for a walk cross-country. Our weekly walks help us to get in shape and bond together, but that doesn’t prepare us for all the terrain, weather, camping, laundry, blisters, variables that we're going to encounter on our journey.
What better place for us to train for what will await us than in New Jersey?

Where is my money going?
Thanks to you we'll have food on our plates, plenty of water and protein bars. We'll be warm and dry during the night, regardless if we spend it in a national park or not.
You’ll be contributing to the last real American Adventure that we have left. That we can still go across this land, meet its people and experience it’s beauty. It’s not contrived, it’s not fake. Just real people experiencing real moments with an amazing background.

Where I can watch WALKABOUTNJ?
We'll be posting videos often on this site, tune in often to see more.

Why the name WALKABOUT?
In Australia, adolescent males go on this amazing rite of passage; following their ancestors’ very footsteps. Of course, our adolescent years are long gone (thank goodness for that!) Is it still a rite of passage for us? Sort of…
Westward. Onward. It’s a faint pull that can still call everyday, moving us forward.
To follow the footsteps of our countrymen who went uncertainly westward, forward deep into a country they couldn’t even imagine.
We go forward in good faith and excitement for this new stage in our lives. To experience what this state and country has to offer.

Where is my money going?

Food, shelter, water, everything that will ensure we won't die or get eaten by the Jersey Devil.

How often will you update the site?

Look for videos, blogs, and pictures in the months leading up to the walk, during and after. Be sure to add us on the Facebook, the Instagram, the Twitter, and the Youtube for more!

When will the documentary be finished?

We're working diligently on it. We're just as excited as you are to see the film and be able to share it with you. We can't wait! We'll bring the popcorn!

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"Go out. Live life. Walk."


"I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain."


"I will not be defined."


"Let's get down."

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